Flâneur Magazine
Arts, Architecture and Urbanism

flâneur – is the long term magazine project
founded in 1998 and ever since unpublished.

the way we move is at the core of how we percieve our sourroundings.

flâneur is not about perpetuating what is currently called fashionable or modern,
but rather a humanistic project in search of what is timeless.
it is not a retro-project nor academic,
we will not publish long essays on benjamin and baudelaire
or indulge in farcical nostalgia.

We rather talk about the renaissance of the walkable city,
geriatric urbanism, decision makers suffering from dromologic illness,
the missallocation of funds, utilities, sevices and infrastructure
through untamed and unreflected acceleration,
the loss of time, space and relations through the imperative of speed,
the still ever growing dependency on cars on a global level,
the freedom to choose the way we move around,
and the reunion of the brain, thought and body.


Content Development Projects:




Why you need your personal modulor.

Geriatric Urbanism
The City of the Future is for strollers.

Vertical Agglomoration
The Anti-City and their most vocal promoters.

The stupidity of human swarm intelligence
How euphemistic wording fell over a cliff.

Monotonous Monotony
Rise and Fall of Highpriests
of unreflected "Modernity".



Column Titles und recurring Themes

Corso Bello /// Common Denominator /// Deformation Professionelle
Weltbühne /// Kein Kommentar /// Savoir Vivre /// Pedaleur du charme
Logis à Pied /// Schritttempo /// Hohe Promenade /// Le caviar dans la tête


Our favorite Thinkers and prospective Interview Partners or possible Contributors:
H. Knoflacher, Helge Schneider, Alexander Kluge, Luigi Snozzi, Paul Virillio, Parmenides,
Hans-Peter Padrutt, B. Loderer, Sophie H., Diogenes, Sokrates, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Vandana Shiva